Evergreen School Leaders

Johan Manuel Rojas, Ed.D.  Principal Haritha Tottempudi, Vice Principal

Johan Manuel Rojas, Ed.D.

Haritha Tottempudi
Vice Principal

Evergreen Elementary School Community, 

Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year! 

As your new Principal and Vice Principal,  Mrs. Tottempudi and I are excited to serve the Evergreen Elementary School’s diverse community of learners and lead its talented faculty and staff. 

We will work to sustain the expectation of success and community established at Evergreen Elementary School by building strong relationships with parents, students, staff, and community partners. Together, we will focus on the use of data to inform instruction, student leadership to enrich academics, and social-emotional learning to take care of the whole-child. We will provide exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities focused on ensuring the rigor of instruction in meeting the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Together, our students will grow! 

We believe in the transformative power of education and the opportunities that fruit from it. We shall call upon our own personal experiences and educational journeys to motivate, inspire, and move our students towards achieving their personal and academic goals. 

We believe a strong home-school partnership is very important for our students to succeed. We  hope to get to know your child and your family throughout the school year, during our various school events such as back to school night, concerts, arrival and dismissal, and parent-teacher conferences. 

We believe that our students are our number one priority and ensuring their continued wellbeing is a community effort. We call upon your support and collaboration to ensure our students are “Kind, Respectful, Evergreen Leaders who soar to new heights.”

During the course of the year, it is our hope that we will work together to provide students with the best opportunities that prepare them for the real world as well as the skills necessary to master the challenges placed along their paths. We ask that you stay informed and engaged by joining our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and using your Genesis Parent-Portal for news and updates. 

As an administrative team, our doors are always open and we welcome you! We invite you to be an active participant in our Evergreen community. 

You can reach us at:
(908) 731-4260 

Johan Manuel Rojas, Ed.D. Haritha Tottempudi
[email protected] [email protected]   

On behalf of the Evergreen Elementary School, let's have an awesome 2023-2024 school year!