Welcome to Evergreen Elementary School

                         School Principal     Vice Principal Ogburn-Thompson    
           Bj Brown Lawson
Gina Ogburn-Thompson

Evergreen Elementary is a K-5 elementary school consisting of 70 staff members who provide instruction to an enrollment of over 660 students. Our school’s vision is “All Evergreen Students Will Go to College.” We know that they only way to obtain our vision is to continue focusing on the “Three R’s: Rigor, Relevance and Relationships” while engaging in “best practices” and while embracing the district’s goals of increased academic rigor, comprehensive reading instruction, and writing across the curriculum.

The instructional program is data driven encompassing Curriculum Units of Study, DIA, DRA, ACESS, PARCC and Instructional Foci. Instruction consists of a daily one and half hour literacy program, which focuses on phonics, oral language, shared books, guided and independent reading and writing. The K-3 Literacy Block includes book talks, literature circles, Daily 5 and the implementation of Message Time Plus and the Wonder/Maravillas. In Grades 4-5, the Literacy Block includes book talks, literature circles, Daily 5, Read Aloud -Think Aloud, Reader’s Chair, Author’s Chair, oral, written Language and comprehension strategies. Students have ninety minutes daily for Mathematics consisting of MyMath Series, Math Forum, Problem of the Week, and Math Exemplars. The Dual Language Program has been implemented in Grades Kindergarten – Fifth where students will receive instruction in English and Spanish.

The School Improvement Team (ScIP) monitors the level of program implementation by working collaborately to review student artifacts, work samples, portfolios, and teachers’ conference logs, which contain data to be used to drive instruction. Feedbacks sheets are given to each teacher and conferences are held to inform them of areas strengths and concerns. Teachers continue to engage in Collaborative Professional Learning (PLC).

Parent Workshops are presented throughout the year covering topics which include: Overview of the content areas; How to Help Your Child Become a Better Writer; Harassment and Bullying; Effective and Positive Discipline; Parent/Teacher Conferences; and Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention. Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the school for additional resources and information.

For the 2015-16 school year, our instructional support program will consists of the 21st Century Program, which focuses on math and literacy, and is available after school for students in grades 4-5. In addition, students in Grades 3-4 will have the opportunity to participate in the Imagineering Program (via our partnership with Rutgers University). There is also an After School Enrichment Program for ELL students in Grades 2-4 and Grades 1-2 will have an After School Support Program (Safety Net). Evergreen Elementary implemented a Student Mentoring Program. When new students transfer in, they are assigned a mentor, who is responsible for teaching the new entrant the school rules which are: Be Responsible! Be Respectful! Value Education! Achieve Your Potential! The mentors assist the new entrants in acclimating him/herself to their new school environment. The mentor is responsible for showing the new student around, discussing the school rules, class rules, and assignments. He/she serves in this capacity for a month.

Evergreen Elementary also implements a Good Citizenship and Courtesy Topic Program. Each week a Good Citizenship Topic is introduced to all students. The teachers must spend time discussing the topic. At the end of each month, students select a peer from their class who they feel has carried out the topic and that student is recognized as the Good Citizen of the Month.

Word of mouth is sill the best sales tool we have. Please do not hesitate to talk to those who have school aged children and invite them to consider Evergreen Elementary School as the educational environment for their children.